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List Of Hand-Picked Topic Ideas For Your College Research Paper

College life can feel tremendously disorganized. With all of your classes and assignments combined with all of your personal or social responsibilities it’s easy to get overwhelmed from time to time. In these cases, it’s hard to develop great topic ideas for a college research paper, so we’ve come up with this list of hand-picked topic ideas we’re sure you will find interesting:

  1. What role do ethics play in the judgement and handing down of punishments for career criminals who steal to either feed themselves to avoid starvation or help others from starving? Does the “Robin Hood” sympathetic viewpoint affect court decisions?
  2. In the animal kingdom there has long been a debate about which type of flea is capable of jumping the furthest. Dog fleas or cat fleas? While both varieties might be equally as annoying to dogs and cats, we know that this subtle difference in leaping ability aids to their survival.
  3. Why are mosquitos attracted to carbon dioxide (as in the type that humans exhale) and the scent of certain cheeses? While cheese does emit carbon dioxide as it ages, there is a particular scent that is similar to that as human skin which tricks the mosquito.
  4. There has been increasing evidence that assessment tests in school are not an effective way telling which students are most likely to succeed academically. Do you think it would be better to do away with this kind of testing altogether?
  5. Do you think it is fair to blame fast food restaurant chains for the increasing rate of childhood and teenage obesity in the United States? Shouldn’t the blame be placed on parents and students’ poor choices when it comes to going to these restaurants?
  6. What are the social effects of having a centralized federal system for tracking controlled substances? Do think the state is more capable of handling these issues or would federal resources help prevent abuse?
  7. How effective are parental filters on internet use and television use? Does it actually prevent children from visiting pornographic sites or watching violent films or does it incite their curiosity even more?
  8. How do local businesses compete against national or large scale corporations? Do government procurement programs that target local business participate help keep the nation’s small companies afloat?
  9. Do you think hunting carnivorous animals in order to maintain protected farmlands effective? Or is it a loop-hole in hunting that allows people to hunt for sport in order to save livestock? What would happen if carnivorous animals were allowed to thrive?