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Quick Advice On How To Do A Research Paper Literature Review

So today you are tasked with a literature review, well never fear, you have come to right place get your advice on doing the literature reviews. Today we will be tackling the knit and grit on making your paper and making it a walk in the park that you will get a good grade, and with that here are your quick advice on how to do a research paper literature review.

  • Advice 1: Get a full understating of the book
  • Now before you get going, you need first to have read the book and have understood the key points, plot, and the main story. This is the heart of your paper so make sure that you have complete understanding of the book or piece of literature you were assigned with.

    As tedious as this seems there are no shortcuts for this. You have to get a copy or borrow a copy of your topic since your entire paper will depend on the copy you have as well as your insights on the book as well.

  • Advice 2: Think like the author
  • This step requires your imagination kick into gear. Place yourself in the authors shoe, imagine yourself that you are the author and why were you writing in the first place. If understanding the book is the heart then this step is the soul of your paper, getting to understand the mindset of the author while he or she was making their masterpiece.

    Every work of art has a reason on why it was made, and literature are no different from painting, sculpture, etc. Every piece of work will have its own story behind its creation, and it is up to you to understand that.

  • Advice 3: Join a book club or join your friends
  • If you prefer to mingle and work with your friends, then this advice is perfect for you. Another way to go around making your paper is to get a fresh perspective from those around you, sharing your inputs with each other can give you a new angle to work on giving you a better idea of what you should put in your paper.

And there you have it these are your advice in doing a literature review. Just take note of the story and what the author is thinking while he or she was making their masterpiece and that should give you the angle you need to produce a quality research paper.