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Composing A Top-Notch Research Paper In Nursing

A majority of students tend to groan when they look down their syllabus and see the words “research paper” as one of the required assignments for a class. This is especially true for nursing students who spend each semester conducting lab work and tackling hours of reading each night. It’s a seemingly daunting task but there is simply no way around it. The following article shows you how to make the process easier so that you can create a top-notch research paper in nursing that earns you a high grade:

  • Choose Something Interesting and Original
  • First of all, select a topic you find interesting. This could come from your readings on nursing or questions you would like to have answered. Next, make sure the topic is original and isn’t an area that has been explored to death. This will ensure a positive reception from your reader.

  • Conduct Some Background Research to Start
  • Before you start with the hard stuff, conduct some background research to learn about related nursing topics, issues, and terminology. This will help you get a feel for the resources that will be available as well as help you create a preliminary bibliography with which to work.

  • Conduct In-Depth Research and Create an Outline
  • Start your in-depth research as soon as possible so that you can be sure to locate the necessary resources at the library. Afterwards, draft a thesis statement and create a research paper outline to help guide your writing. This should keep you on track throughout the process, especially when writing your first draft.

  • Start Writing the First Research Paper Draft
  • Now that you have completed your research, have written a thesis, and drafted an outline, you’re ready to start writing the first draft. Do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get all of your ideas down on the screen so that you can build from your first thoughts and compose a great research paper.

  • Revise Your Research Paper’s Argument
  • After setting your research paper aside for a few days you should be able to identify a number of areas where you can make improvements. Particularly, look for ways to improve the effectiveness of your argument by rearranging, adding, or deleting material.

  • Completely Edit and Proofread Your Work
  • The final step in composing a great research paper in nursing is to completely edit and proofread your work. Even the best writers can make mistakes that can be easily fixed by doing these two exercises. Do each one separately to ensure you make all the corrections needed to earn a high grade.