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Looking For A Legal Research Paper Outline Template

If you’re brand new fresh into law school this year, or maybe you’re taking a law class without planning to major, you might have no idea what the culture of legal research papers entails. Thankfully for you, here are four places to look for sample papers that will be sure to make your essay look like an act of god.

  1. The Writing Center at Georgetown University Law Center
  2. Pros: This is a comprehensive introduction to legal research paper writing. It comes with both an integration of both a sample outline and a number of prose pieces of advice. The entire sample is ten pages long.

    Cons: This isn’t really a template, as it is more of an instruction manual. Furthermore, the paper gives no explanation for what entails a good or bad argument, counterargument, thesis, et cetera. Lastly, the sample is from 2003, and the academic culture changes rapidly both through time and varies from place to place.

  3. Jason Gelman’s Research Paper sample Outline from the Duke University School of Law
  4. Pros: This is a real, live, kicking and screaming research paper outline used by a real live person and sample by two others. If you’re looking to emulate something professional, this one was chosen as a sample paper, and thus may be considered one of the best by which all others might be judged. Furthermore, it’s high up on Google, so that means that it is one of the ones by which others will judge yours by.

    Cons: This is real, live, kicking and screaming. If that’s not your cup of tea, then maybe the first sample was more your type. Here, you’re going to be forced to try to dissect Gelman’s language into something more simple in order to use it properly.

  5. Google Images (Yes, that Google Images)
  6. Pros: This is a secret weapon you can use whenever you want to get a look at the grand picture of legal research paper outlines. Of course there is no one way to write an outline, so why should you see any less than every way to write an outline?

    Cons: You’re going to have to dig through a lot of unprofessional outlines. When used in conjunction with samples one and two, you should be fine.

  7. Your college’s database
  8. Hey! There are hundreds of legal research papers out there, there’s never any reason not to read through one and make an outline yourself.