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A Collection Of Research Paper Topics Dealing With Psychology

Psychology is a very popular field of study and it’s also very important in today’s world. If you have to write a research paper about a psychology topic, than you probably face some problems with choosing the right one. However, we are here to help you with that. We have some really good topics for you and you can use them in order to write the perfect research paper dealing with psychology. Make sure to pick your favorite and start writing!

  1. Eating disorders
  2. This is a very popular topic and you can definitely write a really impressive paper on it. You can analyze this problem and why it comes to it and how you would sove it.

  3. Depression
  4. Depression is something almost every person experienced at least once in life. You can try to do your research on this topic and what we can do about this problem.

  5. Phobias
  6. Do you have a phobia? Many people have one or more. You can concentrate on one specific phobia or talk about it in general. Try to find something interesting that is not so common.

  7. Personality disorder
  8. This topic is very interesting and not many people understand it. Try to analyze it and do your research.

  9. Schizophrenia
  10. You can collect the information about this topic and try to explain how a person becomes schizophrenic. Is this something that people can inherit or not?

  11. Antisocial personality disorder
  12. Since the internet rules in our world and so many people get antisocial at some point, you can talk about how it affects the society and how it's developed. Can it be solved?

  13. Attention span
  14. How long can you pay attention to the teacher talking about a boring topic? Talk about the attention span and how every person is different when it comes to it. Why does it happen and why do we experience a lack of attention.

  15. Perception
  16. People percieve things differently. Why is that? Try to explain it and how different situations are percieved differently by people.

  17. Learning disabilities
  18. Some people can't concentrate that much and have problems with learning. They just can't move forward. Do you research on that and analyze the problem.

  19. Media violence and children
  20. Media is a big part of our world. It grows every day. It also has a great influence on children and you can write about that.