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15 Best Topics Ideas For An Archaeology Term Paper 

Sometimes the hardest part of a project is coming up with a topic that will wow your teacher. Here are 15 rock-solid choices to get your archaeology paper noticed!

  1. The History of Humans on our planet
  2. A broad scope of archaeology as a whole: what could be more important than studying our ancestors from over 2 million years ago as they march through time?

  3. Roman Empire
  4. The greatest empire on Earth! Take a look at different emperors like Caesar and Nero, while studying the rise and fall of an amazing civilization.

  5. South American Civilizations
  6. The Incans, the Aztecs, the Mayan calendar, and human sacrifice. There’s gold, glory, and deep, rich history to unearth in South America.

  7. Islamic Civilizations
  8. Prophet Muhammad, the angel Gabriel, and the establishment of the holy Mecca.

  9. Animal and Plant Domestication
  10. Setting humans apart: the domestication of sheep, dogs, and other animals to allow for unforeseen benefits! The creation and uptake of farming across the globe, based on different ecosystems and climates!

  11. Biographies of famous archaeologists
  12. Study the great archaeologists as they work to uncover important facts of human history! Write about the unparalleled efforts of Mary Leakey, Robert Ballard, and Arthur Evans.

  13. Early Tools across regions
  14. The power of the brain: the creation and use of tools. Early weapons and farming implements dating from before the Stone Age and onward toward iron and bronze.

  15. The first cities
  16. The early mass gatherings of people are truly worth studying. How to fit 12,000,000 people in working order within your walls, and the creation of large scale commerce.

  17. The rise of religions and icons
  18. The overarching theme in so many early societies is the creation of gods and the spread of organized religion. Spirituality across the globe, being taken up regardless of distance by countless tribes and societies.

  19. Early art
  20. The artistic expression of humankind over thousands of years, from cave paintings to the renaissance.

  21. A moment in time, stretched worldwide
  22. Look and see what was happening at different places during the same moment. Mammoths roam during the creation of the pyramids. Raw fish is traded during the renaissance.

  23. Intact buildings, made to last
  24. What ancient ruins have survived to this day and why? What were they used for? Do they have cultural significance now?

  25. What lies beneath today’s cities
  26. Unearthing coffins in England parking lots, finding tunnels made of skulls in Paris. What have we built our world upon?

  27. Resource availability and the race to civilization
  28. What factors contribute to a successful civilization? Why do different parts of the world change and evolve at different rates? What is the most important resource to the furthering of ancient society?

  29. The history of pastimes
  30. When did pastimes come about, and what made them different across the globe? The history of sports and games when there was enough food for leisure.