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A list of the unique language and linguistics research paper topics

Language defines the world and humans in many ways. As a student of language and linguistics, you will therefore be expected to show interest towards learning more than just your first language for it is through this that you get to teach the world, understand it and most importantly, fit in any part of the world as a useful human resource to the society. For most students who pursue language courses, sometimes it gets a little difficult to partake on certain activities such as writing a term paper based on a good topic. In every way you look at it, there is no better way to writing a top level essay, research or even thesis if your topic falls way below par. You have to do some research in order to come up with a topic that merits as the best. In fact, you should even try harder and ensure that your topic for a research paper on language development is on point and unique. But first, what do you understand by language development?
Most people take language development to mean how human languages have advanced over the years from primitive forms of communication modes to modern day advanced ways of communication where people can use the same language and still understand one another. Perhaps one theory that better explains this is monogenesis which is basically how babies acquire their first language from mothers even as they grow. This is all about the first language one gets to know and so, this can be one area to focus on if you want to craft an outstanding research paper on language. There are many other areas from where you can mine your topics and pick on the best. On this premise, you can try this out for professional help. In this article, I list some unique topics to get you started so keep reading for more;

  • A look at the theory of monogenesis in the acquisition of first language among children
  • How has globalization affected acquisition of language across different cultures
  • A review of language and language codes as used in Mass Media channels
  • An analysis of speed codes and how they affect speed delivery in different cultures
  • A paper on language extinction and how the endangered languages can be persevered from disappearing
  • How has social media impacted on learning of second languages
  • Intercultural communication: A comparative analysis of cross-cultural communication codes
  • A review of speech ethos, logos and pathos- How do they ensure effectiveness in speech delivery?
  • The power of imagery in communication